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.Realtor: Entering a New Domain

The National Association of Realtors is launching the very first domain name to be used strictly by real estate professionals: .REALTOR. Originally announced in June 2012, the domain name will launch on Oct. 23. Plus, NAR is offering the

Tech Meets Traditional: Today’s Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Realtors looking to get an edge in their market often try a variety of lead generation sources before finding the method that works best for them. With evolving technologies such as social media and smart phone apps opening up

One-Stop Brokerages Offer Hands-On Services

Houston’s competitive housing market can challenge even the most dogged prospective homeowners. Some of the area’s real estate brokers respond to the needs of these consumers by expanding and tailoring their services to assist workers transferring into the city.

In-House vs. Outsourced

What do brokerages outsource? And what do they reserve for in-house services? See our infographic below to find out (click on it for full

The 5 Biggest Consumer Groups

#182159002 / RISMedia’s 2014 April issue asked brokers to rank the consumer groups that were most important to business. Below are the top five, according to the total respondents to RISMedia’s survey. For these demographics, what services are

Truth About Agents

For our first annual Truth About Agents issue, Houston Agent magazine created a survey to present the trends in the industry, and how agents perceive several different industry issues, including income, marketing, office satisfaction and many more. Here are

Marketing and Branding: Living Your Brand

For agents, developing their brand can depend on many factors. Who is their target demographic for where they are selling homes? What advertising catches a potential clients eye? Is the Internet really the key to attracting more sellers and

How Managing Brokers Create a Smooth-Running Business

When asked “How do managing brokers run a smooth-running business?”, Mark Maniha, broker and owner of Maniha Real Estate Experts in Houston says simply “There is no such thing.” According to Maniha, distraction is the biggest problem plaguing agents,

Your Manager Might Not Be the Right Manager

Choosing the right manager is one of the most important decisions a company can make. The right manager can raise employee engagement and increase business performance indicators. And yet, according to a recent study by Gallup, a vast majority

7 Necessary Characteristics of Every Great Managing Broker

Managing brokers have a tough job. Not only do they put on a calm front while handling whatever issues come their way, but they need to act as a guide to their agents. Now, more than ever, agents need

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