Are Texas’ City Home Prices Outpacing the Suburbs?

Housing prices have been uniformly increasing the last year, but a new Trulia study finds that city markets have the edge on their suburban competitors. City or suburbs? It’s one of the prevailing questions in real estate today, whether

How Many Foreign Homebuyers are Searching for Houston Properties?

International homebuyers represent a huge opportunity for real estate agents today, though some cities appeal to foreigners more than others. It’s no mystery that foreign homebuyers make up a hefty chunk of business for many real estate professionals today.

Has Housing Inventory Gone Up or Down in Houston in 2013?

Housing inventory seems to be picking up on the national stage, but what about specific metro areas, like our beloved Houston? The nation’s housing inventory has been one of the most hotly followed aspects of the housing market in

Young Americans Interested in Homebuying, Men More Likely Than Women

The latest Mortgage Marvel survey revealed that young Americans are interested in homebuying this year, and men are more likely to show interest than women. Even though mortgage rates increasing, it is not stopping young Americans from expressing an

Realtor Confidence Soars in April to New Highs

Realtor Confidence has not only soared in 2013, but as of April, more than doubled from 2012. Home prices and home sales have been on the rise in 2013, and the latest analysis from the National Association of Realtors

What Vacation Destinations Do Houston Residents Like the Most?

Memorial Day weekend officially starts today, and many people will be out vacationing; what vacationing communities, though, are the most popular? Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and numerous families will be taking advantage of the holiday to travel

What Income Does Your Client Need to Buy a Home in Houston?

What income is necessary to afford the typical house in Houston? And how do those requirements compare with other major metro areas? “Housing affordability” is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit nowadays, and for good reason;

How Hard is it, Really, to Get a Mortgage?

Is it still tough to get a mortgage? New numbers from the Federal Reserve offer an enlightening perspective on the issue. It’s the question on everyone’s mind, now that the housing market is on a slow, sustainable path to

A Home Sale is Worth How Much to the Economy? Try $56,464

We often hear about how beneficial home sales are for the greater economy, but NAR has finally done the research and slapped a value on the whole process. Housing, the narrative goes, is among the most versatile and dextrous

The 4 Key Traits of Today’s First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers represent a hugely important swath of the homebuying public, and a new study has pinpointed some of their key characteristics. First-time homebuyers serve an integral role in the U.S. housing market. Along with comprising between 30 and

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