Building your Pipeline with QR codes and Mailchimp

by Houston Agent

Ed Neuhaus is the broker/owner of Neuhaus Realty Group.

Anyone in the sales world will tell you that building and maintaining a healthy pipeline is key to staying in business. Most salespeople believe in taking active rolls in building their pipeline. Making cold calls, getting referrals and advertising are all ways to actively build your pipeline.

However, is it important to have passive pipeline builders, as well. One great way to do that is to use QR codes to passively collect leads to fill your pipeline.

In the real estate business, as with other businesses, staying in contact with your leads and clients is key to building and maintaining a brand. Mailchimp, an easy-to-use, free, great-looking email marketing service, offers easy and intuitive ways to build and maintain lists of contacts for your marketing emails.

One way they do this is by using QR codes. QR codes, which are placed on marketing materials, direct users to new web pages – but only allow them to see them by providing extra information. Normally, that information is simply the user’s name and email address, but it allows agents to build their pipeline by without really doing anything at all.

QR codes, by themselves, don’t capture any information; but, by simply pointing the user to a HTML form, they are able to capture the user’s name and email. This then allows agents to automatically email them the content they desire. This not only helps agents build their pipeline – it shows that agents are not wasting their time with unserious buyers.

Ed Neuhaus is the broker/owner of Neuhaus Realty; you can read more about Mailchimp and QR codes here, and contact him through these avenues:

Direct: 512.215.3409
Office: 512.366.3270
Neuhaus Realty Group

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