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Homeowner equity surges in Houston amid rising housing prices

In the first quarter of 2022, Houston homeowners gained an average of $46,500 in equity year over year, according to a recent CoreLogic report.

Housing inventory rebounds at record rate in largest metros, and Houston is on trend, reports

The number of homes available to buyers climbed 18.7% in June, the sharpest year-over-year increase in the history of the report.

Texas among top 10 most fun states

When you consider entertainment, recreation, nightlife, parties and overall costs, it turns out, Texas is a pretty fun state! And that has a positive effect on Houston real estate.

Houston No. 4 nationally for iBuyer service home sales

Houston was fourth on the list with 844 iBuyer home sales in the first quarter, accounting for 3.5% of home sales in the market.

Houston’s housing supply struggles to keep pace with job growth

For every single-family home or apartment permit generated in Houston in the past year, there were 2.2 jobs created.

Ranking every state by its most expensive home listing. Where does Texas land on the list?

It is a fun reminder that location is everything, and every state has amazing ultra-luxury properties for the right price.

Half of Americans are brought to tears while buying a home

A new Zillow survey revealed that 50% of Americans cry while buying a home, with Gen Z and millennial buyers far more likely to shed tears at least once during their home-buying journey.

Houston-area housing payments up nearly 50% from last year

Soaring home prices and markedly diminished inventory are suppressing housing affordability for many nationwide who are simultaneously dealing with a third roadblock: sharp mortgage rate growth.

Which Houston suburb has the hottest real estate market?

With suburban home value growth surpassing that of urban homes, the most popular areas appear to be outside the city. Which Houston suburb is the hottest?

Inside the rise in Hispanic homeownership

The rate of Hispanic homeownership is steadily increasing, new data from The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals shows. With 8.8 million Hispanic-owned households, more than 48% of Latinos now own homes, reflecting a continual rise since 2014.

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