StreetSafe and React Mobile Perfect for Realtor Safety

by Houston Agent


StreetSafe and React Mobile are two apps that perfectly complement Realtor Safety Month.

By Ian McKendry

September is Realtor Safety Month because sometimes agents need to be reminded that there are dangers associated with a job that often requires meeting and being alone with complete strangers.

It is important that agents take the proper precautions, keep a phone with them and listen to their instincts but now there is new technology that can help agents take additional steps to stay safe. A couple phone apps that are geared towards keeping agents safe are StreetSafe and React Mobile. 

Realtor Safety with StreetSafe

Both apps utilize GPS technology to help agent’s send out alerts when they feel uncomfortable or are in imminent danger but they offer slightly different services.

StreetSafe is the more robust of the two apps offering live help when an agent calls. The app uses GPS technology and a customer profile which includes important information that can speed up a 911 call when passed on to law enforcement. StreetSafe has a 24/7 service where an agent can call one of their trained security professionals and ask them to stay on the line if they feel unsafe or want safety advice.

The security professionals can also call 911 if they detect an emergency and because the user has already uploaded a profile, they can give police essential information and your exact location. StreetSafe also has a silent alarm that eliminates the need to dial 911 and give police your information because StreetSafe will contact police for you and give them your information.

Realtor Safety with React Mobile

React Mobile is another app that helps agents stay safe. React Mobile lets agents set up a list of contacts to alert when they are in danger and automatically sends them text messages and email with your location as well as automatically posts alerts to Facebook and Twitter and if a user sends out an “SOS Alert” and holds it for 3 seconds the app will call 911.

Because StreetSafe has a larger offering with actual people on call 24/7 it is a bit more expensive with subscriptions ranging from $19.99/month to $149.99/year. However, in recognition of Realtor Safety Month, StreetSafe is offering the Chicago Association of Realtors a “significantly discounted rate” when they use a promo code that they can get from C.A.R and is redeemable at StreetSafe.com.

React Mobile is a bit more affordable at $0.99 at the Apple app store the Google Play Store for Android phones, but the company is actually offering it for free for real estate professionals. To get a promo code for a free download email FreeRealtorDownload@ReactMobile.com.

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