Houston Just Got More Affordable

by James McClister

Home prices went up in 2014, and for some metros, affordability did too.


For most homebuyers, especially those entering the market for the very first time, affordability is chief among concerns leading up to a purchase. In an analysis of major metro markets across the country, mortgage and consumer loan information resource HSH.com released an affordability report, comparing principal interest, taxes and insurance payments on a median-priced home and the salary required to make those payments – without going under, of course.

In Houston, where the mortgage rate is 4.09 percent, down 0.17 percentage points from last quarter, homebuyers are benefiting from consistent affordability. With home prices rising just over 9 percent year-over-year to $199,300, it’s clear the market is on the upswing. However, monthly payments and salary requirements are actually down.

HSH.com researchers determined that in order to afford a median priced home in the city, Houston buyers will need a $49,983 salary and make monthly payments of $1,166. Salary requirements are down more than $1,200 from last year.

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