Real Estrange; Sleeping with Your Realtor, Sex Sells, Homemade Explosive Device

by Rachel Mazanec

electrical-wiresHome Buying 101: Don’t Sleep with Your Realtor

We’ve all been advised not to “mix business and pleasure,” and Houston-born rapper Slim Thug can attest to the value in that advice. In a New York Times article the rapper wrote, he warns future homebuyers – don’t sleep with your Realtor. After “becoming too close” to his agent, Slim Thug’s attempt to capitalize on an Obama administration program – which offered sellers a short-sale deal to avoid defaulting on their loans – ended up in foreclosure instead. Read the full story in the Houston Chronicle: http://ow.ly/LyHgS

Sex sells, right?

A group of real estate agents took property advertising to the next level…or so they thought. Rather than posting traditional photos of a listing with decorated rooms and high-end furniture, this group of agents posted images of scantly clad men and women draped across furniture and leaning up against walls. Sex sells, right? If you don’t believe us, see for yourself on Really Rotten Realty: http://ow.ly/LyH8C

Don’t Turn on the Lights

While conducting a pre-sale inspection of a property, an electrician discovered an explosive device intricately wired through several rooms from a gallon container of an incendiary substance. It is believed that, when the new resident flipped a light switch where the wiring ended, the device would have exploded, according to Police Chief Richard G. Wells Jr. The previous renters, who appeared to have abandoned the house, are believed to have created the mechanism with malicious intent. Read the full story on NBCNews.com: http://ow.ly/LyH3v

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