True colors: A room-by-room color guide

by Kerrie Kennedy

Is your client’s red kitchen turning off buyers? Color is a powerful communication tool that can influence moods, feelings and even blood pressure. From yellow in the kitchen to navy in the bedroom, a new study by Good Move used Google search data to determine the best colors to decorate each room in the home. Click through to find out what appeals to buyers.


Yellow kitchen

A pop of yellow in the kitchen not only makes the room feel bigger and brighter, it makes everyone who walks in feel happier and calmer. It also looks great with trendy gray tones, making it very of-the-moment. In the past year, searches for ‘yellow kitchens’ have increased by 132%, according to the study.

Navy blue bedroom

Serenity is the name of the game in the bedroom, and blue — especially deep blues and navy — provide a much-needed sense of relaxation and coziness. According to the study, searches for “navy bedrooms" were up 245% compared with to the same time last year. 

Green living room

Nature is a natural stress reducer, which might explain why people want green in their homes. According to the study, searches for ‘green living rooms’ were up 94% compared to a year earlier. The color of harmony and renewal, a little green in the living room makes it the perfect place to relax after a long day.

Orange dining room

Orange tones not only increase a person’s appetite, they make a room feel warm and cozy too. According to the study, searches for "orange dining rooms" were up 83% compared to last year. Homeowners who are hesitant to go full-on orange might want to add a pop of orange with a statement wall or upholstered chairs.

Light blue bathroom

Light blue — especially blue gray tones — creates a relaxing, peaceful and spa-like atmosphere. According to the study, searches for “light blue bathrooms" have increased by a 614% compared to this time last year.

A study in red:

Working out of a home office comes with distractions that drain productivity but painting it a stimulating shade of red can counter the affect. Research shows that that the color red helps improve focus, alertness and concentration, perhaps one reason why searches for "red study" have increased 400% since October 2019.

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