Andre Adams, Senior Home Lending Advisor

JPMorgan Chase


Beginning his career in the financial industry, Andre Adams became interested in real estate after working as an account manager selling flexible office space. “I’ve always had a passion for helping others achieve their dreams,” Adams shares. “I thought that assisting people obtain homeownership was the perfect blend.” This interest in finance and real estate came to fruition when a recruiter contacted him about an opportunity in lending. That was three years ago.

A senior home lending advisor with JPMorgan Chase, Adams specializes in conventional, FHA, VA and jumbo loans. He credits his relatability as the skill most instrumental in his success, an aptitude he traces back to his family relocating several times during his childhood. Born in Denver, he moved to New Orleans when he was 9 years old, but at age 13 his family was displaced to Houston due to Hurricane Katrina. “I experienced a multitude of different cultures and environments by moving around at a young age,” Adams explains. “As an adult, I am now able to relate and communicate with all different walks of life.”

In a career dominated by peers who are older than he is, Adams has been extremely successful during his three short years in lending. Recognized by his clients for being knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and a hard worker, he believes in preparing his clients by detailing the entire process and setting expectations upfront. “My interest in the business gives me an advantage over my competition,” he insists. “I truly love what I do.”

Process driven while remaining fun and approachable, Adams receives new clients through banking referrals and networking. “I truly care about putting the customer in the best financial situation possible and making an impact in the community.”

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