Christy Martin, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate Affinity


Christy Martin is an innovative powerhouse reshaping the landscape of mortgage lending, reminiscent of avocado toast—deceptively straightforward yet unexpectedly nuanced. Far from a mere loan officer, she is a pivotal figure in Houston’s financial domain. As the vice president of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate Affinity, Martin unlocks the American Dream through her strategic insight and heartfelt dedication.

Her professional odyssey commenced outside the finance sphere, as a pharmacy technician devoted to patient care. An unforeseen turn led her to a banking interview, setting her on a path toward industry leadership. Decades later, Martin has emerged as a trusted authority on diverse loan types including first-time homebuyers, investors, Non-QM, FHA and VA. Her standout qualities extend beyond her technical proficiency; she exemplifies a unique fusion of staunch autonomy and collaborative spirit. “I’m continually striving to enhance my knowledge and capabilities,” she asserts, “not solely for my growth but for the benefit of each client I serve.”

Away from her duties, Martin surprises many with her sharp humor and lively disposition. Known as the “West Texas tornado,” she injects vigor and zest into all her endeavors, from unraveling intricate loan processes to brightening any gathering with her wit.

Martin is a true gem in the mortgage banking sector, widely recognized for her reliability and supportiveness. Above all, she is authentic—a person who passionately believes in her clients’ aspirations as much as they do. In today’s intricate financial milieu, her reliability serves as the foundational pillar of her approach. “It takes a village to assist clients in reaching their objectives,” she remarks, “and my GRA team is a vital component of that village.”

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