Leslie Lerner, CEO & Realtor

Leslie Lerner Properties


Observing how technology was changing the way buyers and sellers approached the real estate process, Leslie Lerner combined her background in education with her love for customer service and sales to form Leslie Lerner Properties in 2013. She created her business as Houston’s first full-service, flat-fee-listing and rebated-commission brokerage. “As technology was expanding, I saw an opportunity to offer lower commission rates, while continuing to provide the level of expertise necessary to guide informed decision-making and to effectively negotiate deals,” she explains.

A University of Texas at Austin graduate, Lerner earned a degree in education and continues to pride herself on being an educator rather than a salesperson. With a desire to provide consumers with knowledge to help informed decision-making, she created LernMoreSM, a patent-pending, AI-driven, multi-language education platform aimed to minimize contract confusion and offer clarity for better decision-making. “Real estate contracts are full of complex legal terminology that can lead to potential misunderstandings or legal disputes,” she points out. “LernMore acts as a translator to simplify the legal language into comprehensible terms with contextual understanding of contract clauses.”

A fourth-generation Houstonian, Lerner entered the real estate industry in 1993 with the goal of providing consumers honest, knowledgeable and transparent experiences when buying or selling. She serves as one of nine commissioners appointed to the Texas Real Estate Commission by Gov. Greg Abbott, volunteers for the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials program committee and is a member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Lerner is excited about continuing to merge her love of education and real estate. “I am positioned for the future by offering flat-fee listings, rebated commissions and a valuable platform to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of property contracts prior to signing,” she says.

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