The Top 5 Real Estate Search Tools for Your iPhone/iPad

by Richard Soto


Richard Soto is the owner of VIP Realty.

We love it when we can find useful – we mean really useful – Realtor search tools for our iPhones and iPads. With that said, here is my list of the top five apps that you will soon wonder how you ever lived without

1. HomeAway
I love the free HomeAway app because it may very well mean the end of missed bookings. For the real estate professional on the go, this app can’t be beat, because it allows you to do everything from respond to inquiries and send quotes to manage your calendar and contact potential guests. This is the app for managing your reservations using the convenience of their smartphones.

HomeAway is even a great app for the FSBO individual who wants to remotely access their listings, as well. I love HomeAway because it shows property listings in their best light, through full-screen property photos and an easy way to make inquiries when the mood strikes you.

2. Zillow
Zillow remains one of the top real estate apps, and for good reason. This handy software for the iPhone and iPad gives the Realtor an amazing amount of searching power using just their Apple device. Zillow boasts an extensive database, which means you can get effortlessly access to detailed information about your listings within seconds. I love Zillow because not only does it provide listing information for those properties for sale, but renters can also access rental properties within a moment’s time. Add to that a highly useful GPS feature that allows you to easily get to where you need to go and it is clear why Zillow remains on the top among iTunes downloads.

3. Trulia
Realtors with an eye for quality have always turned to Trulia, as this company has one of the best looking websites around. Trulia took that quality and embedded it into their iPhone app, as well, thereby making Realtors across the country leap with joy.  And what’s not to love about the Trulia app? From its beautiful, high-resolution photographs to its GPS-driving location searching, Trulia boasts plenty of features and a user-friendly format that is super easy to navigate.

4. Homes.com
My list of the top search tools for Realtors cannot be complete without mentioning Homes.com. Homes.com is simply flawless in its functionality, which I love. Other features of this app that I think are particularly great, too, are the high-resolution photographs and the great search tool that allows you to search by a number of user-friendly variables. Homes.com is a great app for those times when you need to perform a custom search.

5. Realtor.com
Realtor.com is a no-brainer for real estate agents and buyers, as it comes with every morsel of information you could possibly need for real estate listings and related information. Realtor.com has, by far, the most real estate listings under its belt, and the GPS feature even allows you to map out a particular area (using your finger and a map, no less) and get a detailed of report of all the homes for sale in that area.

Richard Soto is the owner of VIP Realty; with  years real estate experience under his belt, contact him for your Houston condo updates and services.

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