The 2015 Truth About Agents Survey

by alonzoturner

We want to know what’s really going on in the real estate industry. What are the hot-button topics today? And, most importantly, what’s really true about agents? Make your voice heard by taking our Truth About Agents survey. All responses to this survey will be kept anonymous and this survey will take you less than 10 minutes to fill out – what are you waiting for?

Also, though we welcome reader comments, don’t forget to take the survey before sharing your comments! You do not have to answer all questions in order to submit this survey.

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  • A Barkerr says:

    Your survey is flawed. It requires answers to marketing sites I do not use to complete the survey. Check box and/or radio button requires when none apply.

  • Tarit Chaudhuri says:

    I wish TREC has more supportive legislation to protect our commission and time from unfaithful window shopper Buyers. There should be legislation that Buyer must deposit a reasonable retainer (refundable) to the Brokerage firm , just to weed out this kind of people. Rule is there but it is not a must, which it should be by law.


    I,m 72 and on my way out,i am a working broker and my wife is a loan originator we are a husband and wife team we are independent all these mortgage changes have hurt us.everybody got blamed for what others did,thats crap we do mit right and end up getting caught up in an over exagerration.actually,the big banks and big money including wall street f up and the everday working person got burned I am sick of this crap. if you,d like to interview it would probably be good.

  • Javier Zambrano says:

    How can agents negotiate a good deal for their clients when they can’t negotiate a good commission split for themselves with their brokers?

  • Jacob David says:

    I am happy with my broker’s company. They provide good office staff support as needed. They also have training classes from time to time. Different clients try to negotiate a commission split, but not many. Overall, clients understand the fact that the Agent also has expenses to meet and a family to take care of. So clients are understanding and they are pleased with the service and responsiveness I offer them.

  • Dee Pardue says:

    I am a Remax agent, grandfathered in with a 3% split to broker up to my first $250K in commissions yearly. I pay $1000+ for monthly office fee which includes half of the fee they charge my buyer’s agent; I pay $80 E&O per transaction–whether its a sale, lease or a personal sale. I do not use or plan to use most of the things that Re/Max touts as their big draw (Lead Street, online training, design graphics, etc). But RE/MAX has a strong name recognition in the market …and it’s a big headache to change brokerages.

  • Tom Plant says:

    I agree with A Barkerr, someone should have spent more time implementing the study. Have you negotiated your commission split in the past year? I answered no.
    If yes is it higher or lower. I could not submit because I did not answer. So I answered higher and your study now will be off. There are other examples, just sloppy.

  • A. Howell says:

    Questions too broad

  • Alfonso Parodi Www.applyTeamParodi.com says:

    Great Suvey. The key is to have a good system in place. And of course follow the system day in and day out. Some don’t understand that the only thing that is holding there succes is good habits.

  • Deborah Winters Chaney says:


  • RealtorX says:

    Alfonso is correct that you need a good system. How can Houston agents complain in this market? I am making a killing and have been making more money each year for the last 7 years. Too many agents out there that dont know what they are doing. Dont know how to negotiate, dont know how to best represent their clients, and dont know how best to represent themselves. You guys want changes that make it easier to do your job I want changes that make it harder to become a Realtor so unsuccessful hacks cant get into this business.

  • Kimbra Valachovic says:

    I’d like to mention that my broker is a Keller Williams franchise. I’m happy to split 70/30 with my broker to a cap of $16K per year…..desk fees are ridiculously low and I cap after only 2 months, so the rest of the year is 100% plus profit share! I agree with comments that I’d like to see TREC regulation and TREPAC help us protect our buyer agents….it’s way too easy for buyers to walk off after exhausting an agent. I am a listing specialist, but see it too often. MOST important, I understand that other states have regulations in place that don’t allow agents to give buyers their commission, so that would help to bring that here. They work, the buyer gets what they want, and the agent gets paid…..what’s so hard about that?

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