Special Report: Negative Equity in Houston is Nearly Nonexistent

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Negative equity is not only down in Houston, but almost entirely absent in the area’s housing market.


Last week, we reported a much-needed dosage of good news – that after peaking a few years back, negative equity in Houston has fallen an insane 76.3 percent, keeping it well ahead of the national average.

This week, we’re reporting even more good news – simply, that across all price points, negative equity in Houston is extremely low.

Based on exclusive numbers that Zillow provided us, here is now it breaks down:

  • In Houston’s upper-tier markets, which Zillow considers homes priced $230,800 and above, only 4.96 percent of homes are in negative equity.
  • In the middle-tier markets, which are priced $121,250 to $230,800, that share rises to just 7.09 percent.
  • And finally, in the lower-tier markets priced $121,250 and below, that share only goes to 11.41 percent.

See our graph below to see how Houston’s numbers compare with other major metro areas:

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