Joe Mandola

Joe Mandola
Senior Vice President
Trendmaker Homes

Joe Mandola always knew he wanted to be involved in the homebuilding industry, and over the past 24 years, he’s advanced from an area manager into his current role as senior vice president at Trendmaker Homes and will become the next President of Trendmaker Homes in April 2018. Prior to joining Trendmaker Homes, Mandola worked as a builder for Village Builders, utilizing his bachelor’s in construction sciences from Texas A&M to get first-hand, on-site experience before transitioning to a management position.

As senior vice president, Mandola specializes in the Houston and Austin markets, working with land developers, subcontractors, and homebuyers. “This industry is very close-knit and you get an opportunity to work with a lot of great people,” he says. “I’ve worked with many of these individuals for several years and one of the things that I take great pride in is that we have many repeat homeowners who recognize Trendmaker’s commitment to our homes and customer service.” Noting that Trendmaker frequently ranks among the top homebuilders in the nation for customer satisfaction, Mandola explains that everyone in the company believes that the homeowner’s experience extends beyond their move-in day, and they work to create homes that will last.

In 2017, Trendmaker opened 15 new communities, delivered 506 homes and earned a total revenue of $254 million, an accomplishment that Mandola is quick to attribute to the company’s entrance into the Austin market – as well as his team’s ability to collaborate and work together to brainstorm new strategies and ideas. “It is challenging entering a new market where you are not known and do not have longstanding relationships, but we have a great team there,” he says.

Mandola is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association and the Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation. In 2004 and 2009, he was a recipient of the Weyerhaeuser Real Estate President’s Award, and along with his team, he participates in HomeAid Houston and the GHBA Benefit Home.

When Mandola isn’t working, he prioritizes spending time with his wife and two daughters and loves having the opportunity to introduce his kids to new hobbies and experiences like skiing. “It’s such a great feeling as a father to introduce your kids to something that you really enjoy yourself and see that it’s something that they enjoy as well,” he says.

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