Paul McHugh

Paul McHugh
McHugh Homes

Paul McHugh has had the pleasure of being in the real estate world for over 20 years. Starting out after college, he loved marketing and worked for KB Home, rising to the position of marketing manager. A few years later, an opportunity presented itself to become director of marketing at Sugar Land Town Square, and later Newmark recruited him to be their director of marketing. After a couple years, McHugh moved on to become the director of marketing for Perry Homes. Unfortunately the Great Recession hit and McHugh was one of the casualties of the fallout.

He thought moving into a new industry might be the move for him, so McHugh became vice president of operations for a company that buys annuities.  Quickly, McHugh realized that homebuilding was what he truly yearned for. “A year into it, I was looking at what else I could do,” he says. “My wife suggested I start my own homebuilding company.” McHugh has always worked on the business side of homebuilding, but starting a new company from scratch seemed like a daunting task in the beginning.  “I decided to start exploring what it would take, found different people to guide me and my adventure was off.”

 Spending many years on the business side of homebuilding exposed McHugh to many facets of the industry, helping him understand how homebuilders actually run their businesses.

“I have been blessed that every year for the last few years, I had past clients refer me to a new client who turned into a custom build,” he says. “There is no better feeling than knowing my clients are satisfied and recommend me to others. It is just something that pulls me in. I live, breathe and eat real estate.”  Best of all, owning his own company gives McHugh the luxury of watching his kids grow up and coaching their baseball, soccer and basketball teams.

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