Bad MLS Photo of the Week – Taxidermist Special?

by Houston Agent


You can practically hear the moose murmur,"Can't you picture yourself living here?"

By Peter Ricci

This week, Houston Agent is proud to unveil a new editorial feature, one that just about every real estate professional should be familiar with – a collection of truly, horribly, awesomely bad MLS photos.

For our inaugural feature, this photo stood out. Nothing says “buy my house!” like a room filled with dead animals, does it?  This photo is an absolute treasure trove, from the symmetrically-placed sea bass on the left wall, to the mountain lion posing in faux snow, to our favorite touch, the moose, which stares directly into the camera lens, luring you into the room with his eyes.

Have an awesomely bad MLS photo you’d like to share? Send it our way! You can contact us at editor@houstonagentmagazine.com.


  • Traci Garner says:


  • Laura says:

    This too funny! It truly stands out. Hunters will love it but the majority of buyers will not. Whoever the listing agent they really have to come up with a catchey phrase. All the best for this sale…

  • Rick says:

    Is there a female in the property who needed to approve the “Game” room photos? YIKES!!!!

  • Sonia says:

    Most buyers are animal lovers and this is a horrific sight for most people to know this person enjoyed gunning down these poor defenseless animals to his high powered rifle. I would think some people might want to make that hunter a trophy!

  • Diane says:

    This is one of the things that make Realtors seem stupid. Get rid of the ” rule out features”.

  • elena quiroz says:

    Open House Nightmare!!!

  • Kay Cruz says:

    Does the homeowner get to see this feedback? It might be helpful if they really want to sell.

  • Yikes is right! When the right buyers are found, their agent better write in the contract that all the holes left in the walls from removal of these creatures will be repaired and the walls re-painted, before closing.

  • Although, it is hilarious; but selling a house is not.
    Professionalism, opinion & advice to a Seller is serious.

    One would think the Broker would have noticed the pictures and questioned it. Unless this Agent is the Broker?

    I only hope the owner did not name these animals.
    My brother-in-law, his wife & kids love to hunt & raise animals.
    But they will actually name the animals they raise and then take them to the slaughter house for food.

    I can appreciate that he does eat what he hunts & raises.
    But for myself, I simply refuse to eat anything with a face.

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