Google Real Estate Part 4: Marketing with Internet Video

by Houston Agent


Internet video is one of the brightest stars today in real estate marketing, but why do home shoppers actually interact with Internet video?

By Peter Ricci

The Internet is a broad, multifaceted medium, one with many uses; however, its most impressive feature, arguably, is that of Internet video, and the way that Web users can stream video free-of-charge to millions upon millions of consumers.

We’ve covered the topic of Internet video marketing rather exhaustively, but we previously left out one important ingredient – why Internet home shoppers actually flock to Internet video sites. Thankfully, though, the recent “Digital House Hunt” study by Google and NAR featured such data, and it’s the focus of our latest entry in the “Google Real Estate” series.

Google Real Estate: Why Internet Video?

In their study, Google and NAR found that there were a number of reasons that Internet home shoppers utilized video when looking for properties:

  • Interestingly, the number one reason that home shoppers used Internet video was not to learn more about a specific property, but rather, to learn more about a certain community; 86 percent of home shoppers, Google and NAR found, utilize Internet video for that reason.
  • Seventy percent, meanwhile, tour the inside of a home with video, while 54 percent obtain general information and 44 percent compare features across multiple companies.
  • There were other notable reasons that home shoppers used Internet video – 38 percent, for instance, use video to better understand the specific features of a home – but what surprised us the most were the 30 percent of home shoppers who use video to watch client testimonials; we’ve written before about the increasing importance of client testimonials on the Web, and this seems to be only further confirmation of their importance.

Internet Video: Where the Home Shoppers Are

So, home shoppers utilize Internet video to learn about communities, tour homes, learn the specifics of a home’s features and view client testimonials – and we should add, they predominantly do those things on YouTube. Though 37 percent of home shoppers use Google Video and 41 percent a broker website, the majority of home shoppers (51 percent, in fact) go to YouTube for their Internet video needs.

And Internet video, said Gary Bisha, the owner/broker of My Castle Realty in Houston, does go far beyond typical photographs in what it offers prospective homebuyers.

“What’s not to like about video tours?” Bisha said. “First we had slide shows, and as the saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words.’ Now, with video tours, you get the whole story. Today’s savvy buyer craves more information, and video tours are a perfect tool for making their home search more efficient and enjoyable ”

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