Gary Greene Announces Achievements and Additions to Company

by Natalie Terchek

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene is pleased to announce achievements and additions to the company. They would like to congratulate Realtor Shad Bogany, who was honored for his standing as one of the top Realtors in the Greater Houston area; and they would like to welcome Tracy Snyder-Costigan and Eileen Campbell as the newest Realtors to their sales team at the Cy-Fair office.


Shad Bogany of Gary Greene is being honored as one of the top Realtors in the Greater-Houston area.

Gary Greene Honors Shad Bogany

Bogany, who works out of the company’s Bellaire Market Center, received an award at the Houston Business Journal’s Top Residential Real Estate Awards ceremony on Friday, March 22 at the Houstonian Hotel. Bogany, who is currently serving as the chair of the Texas Association of Realtors, was honored for his standing as one of the top Realtors in the Greater Houston area, ranked by the number of transactions for the year 2012.

Bogany has 22 years of real estate experience, and is known for his radio show, “The Real Estate Corner” on KCOH 1430 am. He has won numerous awards from various organizations including: ERA Franchise, Houston Real Estate Association, Chinese Real Estate Association, and Women’s Council of Realtors. He is an active member of the Houston, Texas, & National Association of Realtors as well as board member for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

When he is not working, Bogany enjoys, spending time with his wife and daughters, traveling, boating, wine tasting, and collecting African-American art, sculptures, war figurines, and sport collectibles.


Tracy Snyder-Costigan is one of two new members of Gary Greene’s sales team at the Cy-Fair office.

Tracy Snyder-Costigan Brings Community-Based View to Gary Greene

As a new addition to the Cy-Fair office, Snyger-Costigan will be focusing on assisting customers in the Fairfield area with their real estate needs. Gary Greene is excited to welcome her to the team.

“Tracy is outgoing, creative and hard working,” Richard Guderyon, manager of the Cy-Fair office, said. “She served as an assistant to one of our top producers for years and is putting all of that knowledge into building a lasting business. She has a bright future in real estate.”

Snyder-Costigan, a busy wife and mother of four, created Fairfield Forum, a Facebook group to foster communication with her community. From neighborhood watch information to the gas prices at the corner shop, it provides Fairfield area residents with a new way to meet and learn more about their neighbors. She encourages her clients to take a community-based view towards real estate.

“My job is more than just helping my customers find a house,” she said. “I want them to find the right house in the right community so they can feel at home in a larger sense. I like helping them find their own corner of the world where they can be happy.”


EIleen Campbell is one of two new members of Gary Greene’s sales team at the Cy-Fair office.

Eileen Campbell Brings Five-Star Status to Cy-Fair Office

Campbell brings seven years of real estate experience and 15 years of working in contract negotiation in the corporate world to Gary Greene. She was rated a Five-Star Realtor for the Houston Area by Texas Monthly Magazine in 2011 and 2012, and the Cy-Fair office is excited to have her on the team.

“We are thrilled that Eileen has joined our team,” Guderyon said. “Her impressive knowledge of contract negotiation strategies is a valuable asset for both our team and our clients.”

Campbell, a resident of the Houston area for 30 years, has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market.  But her passion for traveling, and her journeys throughout Europe, Australia and Latin America also provides her with a fresh, global perspective.  Campbell is fluent in Spanish and English, and frequently assists customers who prefer a Spanish-speaking agent. She often works with clients from Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama.

““Customer service has always been my main focus,”” she said. ““Open and consistent communications are vital to ensuring my clients stay informed and happy throughout the entire buying process.””

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