Tech Review: Better Voicemail

by Matt Dollinger

tech editor rating

Tech Editor Rating – 4.25 stars (out of 5)

How it works:

There are different tiers to the Better Voicemail product, (even one specifically designed for real estate lead conversion). I demoed the, “Lead Routing for Realtors” version ($40/mo.) for this article, and was amazed at how much functionality was already built in straight out of the box.  The “Realtor Edition” provides an agent with five customized local phone numbers – automatically configured for Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, your website (or company site) and even your yard sign.

There’s a standard call flow designed for each one of these already built, however agents can customize and personalize to their liking. You can even develop specific rule sets depending on the time of day.

Better Voicemail provides a menu prompt for different types of callers, can route callers to a different phone number, and even send them a customized text message after the call can be configured in the system. Voicemails are also transcribed by text or emailed to whomever you would like while sending push notifications directly to your mobile app.

Even agents that buy the entry level “Voicemail” program can setup Better Voicemail to take the place of their mobile provider’s and create their own custom call rules. All the bells and whistles are there, (minus the multiple phone numbers), although you’ll pay roughly $.05 per transcription in addition to the monthly fee.

The Good:

Better Voicemail allows agents to break free from the shackles of brokerage PBX phone systems, create personalized prompt menus, call routing, transcription services and more using a very web interface. Apps for iOS and Android allow for seamless interaction and push notifications.

The Bad:

Setup could be challenging for some and voice transcription is not as good as some higher price point services. Pretty comparable to Google Voice.

The Bottom Line:

Any agent that’s serious about converting phone leads from yard signs, mailers and syndication sites will greatly benefit from this product. Also, agents looking to grow their team or integrate an assistant will find Better Voicemail invaluable.

Regardless of how many autoresponders or team members an agent has working for them today, phone calls still stand out as the biggest “time suck” in any streamlined system. That’s been the case until Better Voicemail, (www.bettervoicemail.com) released their product aimed at filling this gap in your automation system.

Tech Specs:

iOS- and Android-compatible; Web based so works with any system
To purchase: www.bettervoicemail.com/pricing

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