Which Social Networks are Best for Real Estate Marketing?

by Alyssa Mattero

Social media is a great marketing tool for almost any kind of business; however, you need to be strategic about the platforms you choose to use. Certain social media networks work better for specific industries. For example, Pinterest is great for clothing retail stores, but it may not work as well for a calibration testing company.

A company can spend a lot of time on and money building a presence on a social media platform, but it may not generate results simply because it’s not the right medium.

Here is a list of the social networks that real estate agents and real estate brokerages should be using for social media marketing.

1. Facebook – Show your personality

Why should clients want to work with your real estate agents over others?

Whether you have a website or not, Facebook is a great way to show clients what makes your company unique. Why should clients choose your agency over others? Add friendly photos of real estate agents and their happy clients. Show client testimonials and thank you notes. Post videos of walk-throughs and images of new homes on the market.

2. Twitter – Show Your Expertise

Why should clients trust your agency over others?

Twitter is a great way to make connections and establish your brand. Comment on industry news. Start a conversation with the real estate press and media writers. In a landscape as competitive as Chicago, Twitter can help you build trust through new connections and strengthen ties to the community.

3. Pinterest – Show Your Creativity

Why should clients be inspired by your agency?

Pinterest is one of the most visual social media platforms of today. Show off your work! Pin inspiring photos of incredible homes and offices around the world. Inspire people to want a new home or office.

Furthermore, Pinterest already has two major categories related to real estate: architecture and home décor. That means that there are enough people on Pinterest interested in architecture and home décor to make them one of the 37 main categories on the network. I’m willing to bet that people interested in home décor and architecture on Pinterest are more likely to be interested in real estate than other users. Target those pinners! Other categories that are related to real estate include travel, gardening and design.

Social media has become an integral part of content marketing and online advertising. With 2014 approaching quickly, now is the time to build a strong social foundation to support the growth and success of your real estate agency.

alyssa-mattero-perfect-search-mediaAlyssa Mattero is the senior manager of digital and content marketing at Perfect Search Media. You can contact her at:

Phone: 877.655.8227 (x708)
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