4 Phrases Any Good Agent Avoids Saying

by James McClister

Talking to clients is a big part of being a good real estate agent, but only if you’re saying the right things.

Real estate is an ever-changing industry because people are ever-changing. With new social trends and technologies come new expectations, and when agents don’t know or understand what those expectations entail, they might find themselves left behind.

Here are four things every agent should avoid saying in this new industry:

1. This house is as good as yours – Agents want to say it, clients would love to hear it, but the reality is that it’s not something that can ever be guaranteed. In the short-term, schmoozing clients with false promises can drum up business, but if growth and success are ever going to be sustainable, you have to establish honest relationships and set realistic expectations. As the old saying goes: under-promise, over-deliver.

2. No website, sorry – Whether you like it or not, our world is digital, and when agents tell clients they’re not online, it only send up red flags. Having a website is good for business. And when we say “website,” we don’t me sending them to your brokerage’s homepage. People want to know who their agent is and a website is a convenient portal for them to access that information.

3. Only contact me during business hours – It’s understandable that agents don’t want to stay connected 24/7, but in an increasingly mobile industry, potential buyers and sellers have become antsy. They want, and more importantly, expect quick responses. That doesn’t mean agents need to have their phone in hand every waking moment of the day, but putting forth an effort to be available helps demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond.

4. No open houses, sorry – While open houses aren’t particularly effective in selling the home being shown, they are a staple of the process that most clients expect. Sellers will typically hope for at least one open house, which will help give the property some exposure and bring some potential buyers out of the woodwork. Before hosting the event, however, agents should be sure to explain all the different ways they can market the house, and how some methods, like open houses, are less effective than others. After hearing the alternatives, sellers might opt out of the open house. It’s just important they know it’s an available option.

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