3 Reasons Direct Mail Might Be a Better Marketing Tool

by James McClister

Though not as quick as email, direct mail still offers considerable advertising value.

The real estate world is constantly abuzz with talk of the newest mobile app or search platform. So much so, in fact, that agents often forget effective marketing mediums go beyond the digital tool belt.

Of course, that’s not to say emails and social media aren’t effective, but rather any all-encompassing advertising strategy should leverage the advantages of every available angle, which includes direct mail.

According to a recent infograph from Central Mailing Services, not only do 90 percent of people open their direct mail, but 32 percent of consumers actually name it as their preferred means of communication, compared to only 6 percent who prefer being contacted through the Internet.

Despite resting in the shadow of big data, direct mail still has a significant role to play in real estate marketing. And here are three reasons why:

1. Something to get your hands on – The most unique advantage of direct mail, something no other medium has yet been able to emulate – though 3-D printing is well on the way – is providing clients with a tangible advertisement; something people can explore with all senses – yes, sometimes even taste. It allows agents to flex their creativity and give potential buyers and sellers a truly interesting of marketing.

2. Something you can count on – As with any marketing campaign, if agents hope to be successful, they’ll need to adhere to a strict sending regimen. However, unlike other mediums, such as email, where one ad might get lost among the exponentially expanding digital minutiae, a direct mail piece stands out. After a few on-schedule sendings, so long as agents are careful not to overwhelm, recipients will know to expect the mailer. Whether they look at it every time or not will pale in comparison to the sense of consistency and commitment to your business that will be conveyed through timely dedication.

3. Someone you can trust – Direct mail doesn’t have to be flashy – of course, it needs to look nice – but it does have to be succinct. When you include quick, reliable facts and deliver them to interested homebuyers and sellers on a regular basis, it cultivates you as a dependable information source. And since, on a large scale, many existing and potential clients aren’t watching the housing markets as closely as professionals, it’s the perfect opportunity to become a person’s sole source of information, which further instills an underlying sense of trust – something every agent should strive for in their client relationships.

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