10 spookiest street names in the Houston area

by Julia Berger

Nearly every kid has “that creepy house at the end of the lane,” the one all their friends would whisper about and race their bikes passed. The one the neighborhood children would ding-dong ditch or dare each other to peek in the window before running away across the lawn.

But, what if it wasn’t just the house at the end of the lane, but the whole lane? Would the “Last House on the Left” be as scary a movie if it took place on Death Road, where every house was associated with the idea? This Halloween if you live around the Houston area here are 10 spooky streets to trick-or-treat on.

  1. Hansel Lane which after a sharp bend changes to…
  2. Gretel Drive
  3. Broken Bough Drive
  4. Ash Hallow Drive
  5. Telephone Road
  6. Bittercreek Drive
  7. Holmes Road
  8. Anvil Drive
  9. Crimson Valley Court
  10. Gnarled Chestnut Court

These streets are all in the Houston area and while Houston is a big city, there is still time before All Hallows’ Eve to plan a mini-Halloween road trip around town!

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