Brian Spitz

Brian Spitz
President and CEO
Big State Home Buyers

When Brian Spitz founded Big State Home Buyers 12 years ago, it was with the simple goal to help struggling homeowners sell their homes. He saw that sellers needed help selling their property quickly, whether it be because they inherited a home after the death of a family member, their home required too many repairs, they wanted to downsize or they were avoiding foreclosure.

“When a seller calls Big State Home Buyers, our team works closely with them to help resolve their individual home-selling complications,” said Spitz, president and CEO of Big State Home Buyers. “We will make fast and fair offers on a home, and we will provide the seller with a range of options to meet their needs.” Spitz and his team also work with property investors who are interested in prime real estate investment properties in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth markets. In the last decade, Spitz has closed more than 3,000 transactions, and Big State Home Buyers has received a Better Business Bureau (BBB) award every year since 2012.

Clients consistently say that working with Big State Home Buyers is a different experience than with other companies. “Our clients always share in testimonials how the Big State sales team makes the process easy because we fully explain each step and educate the seller on various scenarios, so they are not surprised along the way,” Spitz says. He stressed the importance of getting to the heart of why people buy and sell their home and identifying what is at the core of their need to make that transaction and make that life change. “This allows us to understand the obstacles the client is likely to face, whether they know it at the time they call us or not. This skill allows our team to answer questions the client may not know they have yet and focus on solving their problem,” he says.

Spitz said one of his biggest business accomplishments this year was being able to admit that the method he was taking to expand his company wasn’t effective. “We created a goal for the volume of business we wanted to be doing in the Dallas/Fort Worth market by the end of 2017, and we did not meet that goal. However, because we missed that goal, we were able to investigate technology solutions and opportunities to franchise the company, which has become the current direction of our expansion.”

Spitz planned on attending law school when he moved back to Houston, but his father, who was in real estate, introduced him to a CD course about buying property directly from sellers. “I didn’t expect to be successful in this business, but I ended up closing a transaction within seven weeks at the age of 22, and I was hooked,” Spitz says. Having been in the real estate business since before the first mortgage collapse, he understands how to navigate the ups and downs of the housing market. “This has given me an excellent understanding about where the real estate market has been, and it lets me better predict where the market is going.”

Spitz is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, as well as the Houston Association of Realtors through Big State Home Buyers’ sister company, Woodway Realty. He also volunteers with and contributes to The Fay School and the Houston Ballet Academy. “Our daughter attends The Fay School and we strongly support not only the success for our daughter’s future, but also the future of students attending The Fay School. Additionally, my husband and I contribute to the Houston Ballet Academy as we are supporters of the arts in Houston and believe it is important to provide an opportunity for students to attend this distinguished academy.”

His proudest personal accomplishment this past year has been finding a work-life balance to spend more time at home with his family, “especially my four-year-old daughter, whether that be working with her for a school art project or simply enjoying time together at home,” he says.

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