Cheryl Lamb

Cheryl Lamb
Vice President
Cadence Bank

Admittedly, Cheryl Lamb will tell you that she lucked into a career in lending. While working in banking management, she knew she wanted to move up to lending, but she didn’t know how to go about it until a client led the way. He liked how she handled his call and asked that she talk to him about becoming a mortgage loan officer. “I don’t know much about lending, but I’m interested in learning,” she recalls telling him. “His response was, ‘Lending can be taught, but how you handled our conversation can’t.’ He wanted me on his team.”

Lamb, vice president of Cadence Bank, has worked in finance since 1985, when she graduated from college. Assisting bank clients in various departments and being in management prepared Lamb for becoming a loan officer.

“This is a fun business,” she says. “I get to meet so many wonderful people and be a part of a wonderful time in their lives.”

An expert in conventional purchases, refinances and one-time close construction loans, Lamb works with first-time, move-up and downsizing homebuyers. “Having been in the business as long as I have, I am now doing mortgages for the children of my earliest clients,” she says, noting she has a strong following of clients who are doctors, attorneys, dentists and pharmacists. “I truly feel honored.”

Clients like how she takes the time to explain the process to them, keeps them updated throughout it and is always available. Sometimes transactions are very simple and other times, there are twists and turns that require a team approach to problem-solving, she says. “My motto is ‘teamwork.’ I don’t think you can survive in this industry if you think of yourself as an island.”

A member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, Houston Young Lawyers Association, Houston Mortgage Bankers Association and Houston Association of Realtors, Lamb has won multiple top producer awards throughout her career. Inspired by people who raise themselves up regardless of challenges or the circumstances they were born into, Lamb supports charities that serve underprivileged individuals and families.

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