Sherry Campbell

Sherry Campbell
Energy Realty

Sherry Campbell has worn many hats in her lifetime, but when she decided to open the doors of Energy Realty eight years ago, she discovered that she had to learn how to wear all those hats at one time.

Today, Campbell has established herself as one of Houston’s Top 100 Realtors after over 15 years as a Realtor, and Energy Realty has become one of the premier real estate brokerages in the Energy Corridor and was even recently nominated as Best of the Best real estate brokerages in the Houston Chronicle.

“I feel that all roads have led me to a career as a real estate broker,” Campbell said. After graduating college with a journalism degree, Campbell went on to wear the hat of a property manager and had her real estate license by the time she was in her early 20s. A company in California recognized her expert customer service skills and recruited her to build a customer service team, so a second hat emerged.

The job that probably stands out as instrumental in helping Campbell to engage with clients and market her listings is the hat she wore as a freelance writer for real estate and business advertorials. “My ability to effectively communicate both in writing and speech is a skill that sets me apart in this industry,” she said. Communication skills are also critical in negotiating contracts and leading a team of professional Realtors, something Campbell has perfected.

In just eight years, Energy Realty has grown to a team of almost 30 international Realtors, and Campbell takes pride in coaching and training them to be some of the top professionals in Houston. “We owe it to the public to be armed with the skills and knowledge to assist our clients, and I hope that Energy Realty exemplifies that standard,” she says.

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