George Tesfa

George Tesfa

Vice President – Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

George Tesfa’s undergraduate studies in economics were his first introduction to the concept of residential lending, while his corporate finance experience helped him learn just how intricate a personal loan can be. Harnessing what he learned through both college and career, he opted to specialize in mortgage lending 15 years ago because he has “always loved helping people.” As Tesfa explains, “Nothing could be more rewarding than doing my best to ensure that my clients become first-time homebuyers, or to lower their payments through refinancing.” For him, candid communication is an essential way to display integrity to his clients. This, he believes, gives them confidence in knowing that the loan he helps them select is the best product for their unique needs.

Those clients, Tesfa says, are characteristically Internet-savvy individuals who search the Web for the lowest mortgage rate and the lender who can help them secure it. Although they often require a jumbo mortgage, which can prove more complicated than a conforming loan, Tesfa is as renowned for his deep understanding of the industry as he is for his outstanding customer service. “I always try to get to know my clients and make certain that they know me, too, which is why almost all of my business is referral-based,” he says. One of Tesfa’s greatest motivations is the satisfied handshake with a client when a transaction is closed. That includes, for example, the client who found it difficult to get loan approval due to visa issues and other obstacles. Tesfa not only resolved those issues and got his client the loan, but has also helped that client purchase two larger homes since. In addition, the pair and their families have built a lasting friendship.

George Tesfa is a huge fan of England’s Manchester City Football League and plays soccer twice a week. While undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport, soccer nonetheless requires that players use their feet, torso and head to score a goal. However, this mortgage professional relies on his head in a different way when it comes to achieving winning results for his clients. “Lending is highly strategic,” says Tesfa, “and my expertise is helping people select the loan that best meets their budget and long-term real estate goals so that they ultimately save money.”

A home, Tesfa points out, is the single largest asset that most people will acquire, and his chosen career allows him to play a significant role in that important purchase. “I like helping my clients structure residential financing because it’s truly life-changing,” he says. “I enjoy being part of that monumental transaction and I take it very seriously.”

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