What’s in a Word? “Agents” Absent on Job Sites

by Houston Agent

How powerful are words in a job search?

Job-hunting sites such as Monster, Career Builder and especially Simply Hired have made job searches easier than ever, but in the case of real estate, a bit more legwork may be necessary.

Houston Agent did a sweep of the real estate job listings on those sites, and found that rather than advertise positions for “real estate agents,” brokerages and other housing companies were more apt to title the job in a different fashion.

Here are some examples:

  • Retail Sales Associate – even though “real estate agent” appears in the body of these job ads on numerous occasions, it is not used to title the postings. “Real estate sales associate” and “retail sales representative” are also quite common.
  • Real Estate Associate – the credentials for these positions are exactly that of an agent, yet “agent” rarely appears anywhere in the ad. Cousins to this term include “real estate sales associate” and “real estate sale representative.”
  • Real Estate Consultant – this is another prevalent term, and though real estate terms litter the listings (“brokerage” and “sales” are particularly present), the word “agent” is absent.
  • Asset Manager – this term is often used for firms specializing in REO transactions or similarly distressed properties; “agent” does appear in these ads, on occasion. Cousins include “acquisitions agent” and especially “real estate investment associate.”
Of course, “real estate agent” is still occasionally used, but it’s a dime a dozen among the aforementioned positions available. Why do you think this is? Are employers trying to distinguish their available positions for the top talent around? Or is “agent” simply not exciting enough?

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