3 Methods for Conquering Procrastination

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Procrastination is the eternal villain of productivity and success, but we’ve got three straightforward methods for conquering it.


Procrastination. Even the word has a negative sound to it, doesn’t it? And really, there are few concepts more damaging to a successful real estate career than procrastination. From returning client phone calls, to scheduling showings, to uploading photos for your Realtor.com profile, there certainly are many opportunities to procrastinate in real estate.

Procrastination has various causes – a recent article on Inc. referenced research that a weakness in the Executive Function of the pre-frontal cortex is the true culprit – but causes aside, there are feasible, straightforward methods that professionals can incorporate into their business models to eradicate procrastination from their lives. Here are three that we find the most useful:

1. Find someone who will hold you accountable – Ever real estate agent is essentially running their their own business, and though the freedom of such an arrangement can be exhilarating, it can also have its drawbacks, namely, a lack of accountability for procrastination. Therefore, find someone who will hold you to task, someone who will keep your goals in mind and keep you focused on accomplishing them. Your broker, assistant or a professional mentor are great people for this.

2. Approach your goals realistically – Speaking of goals, you’ll want to approach them in a realistic, step-by-step manner. People who procrastinate often frustrate themselves further by, in an effort to stop procrastinating, setting unrealistic goals that they could never hope to meet. Instead, start with small, attainable goals, and build off those accomplishments for more lofty aspirations. So rather than becoming the top real estate in Chicago, aim for setting a new personal best for a given month, and work from there.

3. Be visual with your tasks – This final method is remarkably simple, but also remarkably beneficial – create visual documents for your most important tasks. From hand-written to-do lists, to physical calendars, to detailed checklists and daily planners, having a physical, visual component to your daily schedule will add incentive to your work day, along with the added (and undeniably satisfying) achievement of crossing off your completed items!

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