Viewpoints: Jeremy Williams, Team Leader and Business Coach, Keller Williams Realty Northeast, Houston

by James McClister



Every week, we ask a Houston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top three stories from the week before. This week, we spoke with Jeremy Williams, team leader and business coach at Keller Williams Realty Northeast. 

Miami Agent (MA): As a real estate business coach, what are the fundamental things every real estate agent should know?

Jeremy Williams (JW): As a business coach, what I convey to the agents is that the only thing that matters is leads, listings and leverage. Nothing happens on its own, and movement forward in this business only takes place when an agent has leads. Everything else that is part of the business can be leveraged.

Listings are important because those that have the listings control the market. Listings bring more listings, and listings bring buyers.

I ask agents to think BIG, and to remove limiting beliefs. Ninety percent of this business is mindset, and 10 percent is skills, which can be developed with great training. It is also important to remind agents that success leaves clues. Who are they surrounding themselves with that has been successful in the business? Look for the clues.

MA: Home prices in Houston are continuing to rise rapidly and the rental market is seeing more and more action. Has this shift towards renting affected your business at all, why or why not?

JW: There has been a recent increase in lease transactions as a result of the low inventory. Despite this being the case, I have seen agents get focused on creating buyer and seller opportunities. I have many agents that I am currently coaching that are door knocking on doors and getting into conversations with homeowners about the opportunities of selling their home in a seller’s market. For those agents that have buyers, agents are hitting the pavement to seek out a home that might not even be on the market at the time. I think this market has agents more purposeful about creating the opportunities.

While there has been an increase in the leasing market, there has also been in an increase in business with both buyers and sellers. One of the factors that is creating more opportunities for the buyers is the increase in new construction. During the downturn in the market, builders stopped building, and now that the market has moved to a place where there are lots of eager buyers, the builders are creating more inventory to keep pace with the massive growth throughout the Greater Houston area.

MA: The booming energy industry in Texas, and particularly Houston, have inspired a wave of new development. What trends are you noticing in the new homes being built in the area?

JW: What I have seen in the Kingwood area is that the new developments are focused on lifestyle and specifically health and fitness. You will find master planned communities that feature hiking and biking trails, nature areas, parks, community pools and fitness centers. Many of the developments have, or are located close to, many conveniences such as grocery stores, doctors and medical centers, and schools. Everything that you need day-to-day is within minutes of the home.

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