The Best Way to Nurture a Sales Lead

by Houston Agent

Email marketing plays a key role in driving sales for real estate teams. It’s a great way to stay top of mind with past buyers as they get ready for a new purchase, and an important way to convert leads into clients.

Nurturing campaigns are an effective, low-cost way to interact with leads that may not be ready to buy at the moment, but might in the future. In fact, a DemandGen report found that nurtured leads produce, on average, 20% more sales opportunities. Imagine what a 20% boost in opportunities could do for your bottom line in 2015.

While implementing email campaigns can do amazing things to generate sales, to get the most out of your lead nurturing emails you need to know which ones are working – and why. Measuring which emails produce the best results can help determine which subject lines are causing the most people to open your emails and which content is driving clicks to your site.

But in order to measure the entire impact your nurture campaigns you need to analyze them in more than one way. Most marketers already know to pay attention to click through rate (CTR), but that alone won’t provide you a full picture of your results.

Now that 65% of all emails are initially opened on a mobile device (Movable Ink), more people are opting to call your business instead of staying online and filling out a web form. So to really measure the impact of your email nurturing campaigns you need to know how many phone calls they’re generating.

Adding a unique phone number to your campaigns provides prospects with an easy way to get in touch with you and allows you to attribute your inbound phone calls to specific campaigns. Even if your email drives a lead to visit your website before calling, call tracking can still tie that call back to the email that led to the site visit so you know what’s really working – and what’s not.

Only by combining call data with your other analytics can you get the complete picture of the effectiveness of your email nurture campaigns.

Call 855-879-7409, visit www.dialogtech.com, or check out DialogTech’s Definitive Guide to Call Tracking for Email Marketing to learn more about integrating call analytics with the rest of your email metrics and the special package offered through the National Association of Realtors REALTOR Benefits® program.

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