Viewpoints: Adam McCaa, Chief Communications Officer, Alair Homes

by James McClister


Adam McCaa is the chief communications officer for Alair Homes.

Every week, we ask a Houston real estate professional for their thoughts on the industry. This week, we spoke with Adam McCaa, chief communications officer for Alair Homes.  

Houston Agent (HA): Considering Alair is primarily a Canadian developer, what spurred the interest to develop in Texas, and in Houston specifically?

Adam McCaa (AM): We have the largest footprint of any contractor across Canada today with over 45 contractors. We also brought on five partners in Arizona this year and they are all thriving. Our model is proven both in Canada and the U.S., including Alair partners operating in major cities as well as partners in more rural areas. We’re focused on developing new markets throughout Texas, including Houston, Dallas and many other locations throughout the Lone Star state. We know that Houston is already a great homebuilding and remodeling market with many great contractors, so we’re focused on making the best of them even more successful. Our model is designed to attract the best partners by maximizing their opportunities for successful projects, while building trust and loyalty among our growing client base and making the communities we work in better places to live.

HA: What are some of the risks that Alair can help an independent contractor prevent?

AM: Alair eliminates risks for independent contractors by giving them the support and expertise of accounting, marketing, and operations management so they can focus on their strengths: building, designing, and managing projects, local market knowledge and relationships. In addition, Alair helps independent contractors minimize risk by conducting our business in a smarter way. We call it Client Control™, and it offers 100 percent transparency on every project, from start to finish. This method is a major improvement over the typical Fixed Price and Cost Plus approaches to construction agreements.
Alair’s revolutionary systems and processes are the backbone of risk mitigation to the independent contractor and they start with our proprietary project management software that guides both our partners and their clients through the construction process, eliminating the common challenges that often impact quality, satisfaction, and profitability. Alair provides the vital resources, team support and culture that most independent contractors don’t have–or can’t afford. That creates more consistency, more profitability, and more satisfaction. And, the end result of those advantages is mitigation of risk to the independent contractor.

HA: Are there plans to expand to other cities or states as well? Which ones?

AM: In addition to Texas, we have aggressive goals for other states in 2015, 2016 and beyond. Very soon we will have a strong footprint in Ohio and Indiana, and are also focused on markets in New England, California, Florida, and Georgia in the coming year.

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