Viewpoints: Rina Camhi, Founder, 10MinRealty, Houston

by James McClister

Rina Camhi

Rina Camhi

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their thoughts on the top trends in real estate. 

This week, we talked with Rina Camhi, founder of 10MinRealty and broker and owner of Camhi Realty Group. 

Houston Agent (HA): Do you think the future of homebuying is online, and more specifically, mobile?

Rina Camhi (RC): Home searching has transferred from desktop to mobile device. A joint study from NAR and Google to explore this very question and found that buyers searching homes on their desktops are typically 12 to 15 months away from making a purchasing decision. The statistics on those deals closings have followed. Agents need to touch those consumers five or so before making a deal. Buyers searching on their mobile device, however, were found to be more ready.

HA: Are interested homebuyers guaranteed a Realtor within 10 minutes? What if there aren’t any agents readily available?

RC: We thought hard about the name. We wanted the app to say very plainly that this is way to look at real estate quickly. The number one complaint I’ve heard from buyers around the nation is that their agent isn’t responsive enough. So even if an agent can’t make it out to see someone in 10 minutes, we want to make sure that at the very least those buyers are able to hear from an agent within 10 minutes.

HA: What convinced you that buyers needed 10MinRealty?

RC: Apart from the responsiveness of agents, the other thing to keep in mind is that agents get forgotten. Unless an agent stays top of mine, a lot of buyers won’t go back to them. 10MinRealty helps keep agents relevant, and the response from agents already using the app has been very positive.

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