CoHousing Houston installs geothermal heating and cooling, expects to welcome residents by end of 2023

by Emily Marek

Artist's rendering of one of the future communal spaces at CoHousing Houston (CoHousing Houston)

Texas’ first planned cohousing development, CoHousing Houston, has made a huge step towards welcoming residents into its communal spaces. A state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system is being installed under the development’s condominium units, creating an energy efficient and cost-effective way to regulate temperature in the community.

Geothermal heat exchange systems use the earth’s temperature to regulate living spaces. A system of wells and tubing 30 feet underground will circulate water around the community, providing cool temperatures in the summer and heat in the winter.

“Sustainability and connection are our two core values,” said member and future resident of CoHousing Houston Lynn Morstead in a January 2023 press release. “We’re excited to bring cohousing to Texas and reduce our footprint simultaneously.”

CoHousing Houston first broke ground on their East End land in January 2022, although the project was conceived back in 2017. In the years since, the CoHousing Houston team has built condominiums that will eventually house members of Texas’ first cohousing community.

“Cohousing of this type is an intentional community where residents actively participate in the design and operation of their neighborhoods,” CoHousing Houston’s press release states. “Major decisions require a consensus among the resident owners. In contrast to traditional developments, cohousing communities are designed to encourage social interaction and a sense of community among residents. This often involved shared spaces and amenities, such as common kitchens and dining areas, playgrounds and community gardens.”

As of November 2022, only three of the community’s 33 condominiums are still available for purchase.

The community is expected to be ready for move-in by the end of 2023, a representative for CoHousing Houston said in an email.

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