Franklin Warens, Broker/Owner & Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Clear Choice Home Loans LLC, The Franklin Warens Team LLC


Since starting Clear Choice Home Loans LLC, Franklin Warens has been driven by both his ability to lead a talented team and his desire to help people move through the major milestones of their lives. Following a career in finance, Warens was inspired by one of his former mentors (and now, current business partner), Jesus Hernandez, to enter the real estate industry. He now serves as the firm’s co-founder and vice president of mortgage lending.

Warens firmly believes in the maxim, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” He explains, “We are in a growth-oriented environment in the office. Due to the high level of trust and drive within the team, we have a decentralized management structure. The staff is very highly skilled … they set the bar high for themselves, over and over again.”

Through assembling and supporting a team of superstars who share the goal of helping each other and their clients succeed, Warens has helped lead his business to expansive success in the past several years. By valuing a strong company culture, conducting expansive research into pricing, and building solid client relationships over time, Clear Choice Home Loans LLC has satisfied all types of clients throughout Texas and Florida.

When not working, Warens relishes in traveling to other cultures. “Traveling the world allows me to learn and experience something unfamiliar that will typically help me develop a new skill or knowledge,” he notes. “It is highly educational. Personal development has always been very interesting for me, and traveling allows me to challenge myself. There is a great feeling when you are able to expand your perspective through new places, people and cultures. Traveling also helps build and strengthen relationships with partners, friends and family.”

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