My Social Media Fingers Work Great, But My Real Estate Shoes Work Better

by Houston Agent


Cody Phillips is an agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene in Houston's Inner Loop and The Woodlands.

Social media is a inexpensive and great way to market to your circle of influence. Agents looking for a cost effective way to market themselves must utilize social media, but it’s not a substitute for hard work and feet-to-ground marketing.

Social media is a marketing phenomenon compared to what was available in the past. This is nothing new, as I am sure most agents are very aware of this.

Shockingly, most agents don’t understand you must still differentiate yourself from the pack. Also, ONLY using social media will leave in you in the stone ages. Social media is the topper to the Christmas tree, not blinking lights. If the president only used Facebook to receive votes, do you think he or she would reach the White House? NO! It takes more than that, not to mention it is becoming increasingly difficult to be unique.

Social media is an easy way to type and click your way to e-stardom, but it is also becoming increasingly more demanding. For instance, consider receiving coupons and advertising in the mail. Think back to how many of those random pieces of mail you trash, what I call “throw-away marketing.”

It is just as easy to get lost in the shuffle when using Facebook and Twitter. What I mean by being unique is to consider what is going to attract the most discussion. So, be creative and give thoughts to what those around you would like to discuss. Don’t always be selling services; people look right past most selfish selling gimmicks. You want people to interact with your social media comments and status updates. Provide information that intrigues readers. Goofy is okay, but moronic is thoughtless.

Being an agent is difficult even in a growing real estate economy like we have in the Houston and surrounding areas. Realtors are competing in a market filled with fly-by-night agents looking to make a quick buck, hardworking agents who have been around the block, the three-month summer agent, etc. It’s the business, but it is reality! At the end of the day, you must figure out what niche you going to fill and become an expert. If you want to become an expert in using social media, take the time to research how utilize this medium in your favor. Social media isn’t a substitute for hard work and sweat.

Cody Phillips is an agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene in Houston’s Inner Loop and The Woodlands. He can be reached at:

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