How to Reduce the Bounce Rate for Your Real Estate Blog

by Houston Agent


Richard Soto is a Houston real estate & Dallas real estate broker & Internet marketing expert.

One of the things we want to accomplish with our real estate blogs is a low bounce rate. A “bounce,” in blog terms, is when visitors come to your blog, take a quick a look, and leave.

A bounce, in essence, means that the visitor didn’t stick around long enough to really find out what you are and what your content is delivering to them. After all, if you have a blog, you want to influence the greatest number of visitors with your content.

With that said, an important thing for you to do is decrease the number of those pesky bouncers so you can get more accomplished with your blog. Here’s what you may want to consider if your bounce rate is cramping your style:

Is Your Website Attractive and Intuitive?

We people are visual beings, and we don’t like to stick around anywhere when it’s not pleasing to our eye. If your website isn’t very attractive or eye catching, chances are your visitors won’t stick around very long, regardless of your fantastic content. Web design is a big deal, even if you don’t think it is, so don’t scrimp on your website design or you can bet your visitors won’t be long-time guests to your site.

Make Your Landing Page Count

Your landing page is your time to pull visitors in and make them want to stay. So if the content on your landing page is less than relevant, you can bet your visitors will quickly turn into bouncers. If you aren’t sure if your landing page content is compelling, take a moment and ask yourself if it is focused and pertinent.

Don’t try to cover a million topics in an attempt to say everything all at once. Instead, make sure your landing page content conveys what you and your website are all about. Once you pull your visitors into your site, you can let them know all the details through your blog and its fantastic content.

Keep the Content Flowing

Sure, you have great content, but when was the last time it was updated? Blog content always needs to be fresh and relevant or else your visitors won’t likely stick around very long. And don’t simply load your blog with posts that are essentially the same; you can fool a search engine with that, but real visitors aren’t going to fall for it. If you are going through a dry spell and fresh content isn’t coming to you very easily, consider calling in the troops and welcome guest bloggers to your site.

Is Your Site a Drag?

If visitors must wait patiently for your page to load, chances are they won’t. Internet browsers are inherently impatient people, and they don’t want to waste their precious seconds waiting for your site to load. Make sure your pages are loading quickly so you can capture your visitors’ attention quickly.

Take it Easy with Ads

Don’t let your website be burdened with shouting banners or ads. We know you have to make a buck, but keep the ads to a minimum so visitors won’t think you are merely trying to pull them into your site without any useful content to back it up.

Richard Soto is a Houston real estate & Dallas real estate broker & Internet marketing expert. If you’re looking to jump-start your real estate career, visit our website for lead generation tips and other marketing news.

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  • Being a blogger myself I was facing the same problem of high bounce rate but since I read this blog and followed the tips given here I experienced a drastic shift in the bounce rate of my blog. It has reduced significantly.

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