5 Ways to Keep Up With Technology

by Natalie Terchek


Technology is constantly changing to become faster, easier and more efficient. We are lucky that we’ll always have the most updated and improved form of technology, but it’s overwhelming to keep updated with the latest trends. It’s important to stay informed of these changes, no matter what your profession is.

Here are five ways we recommend keeping up with the latest technology:

  1. Determine Your Needs. Before you overwhelm yourself with all of this new technology, figure out what purpose technology will serve for you and your business. Everyone has different opinions about what technologies are “helpful” to them, because everyone has different needs. Find out exactly what you need help with in your business, and figure out what kinds of apps and software will serve the purpose you’re looking for.
  2. Read and Research. Not only will this help you learn what technology is out there, it will also keep you updated on what’s been updated, how it works, and what the top agents think of it. You can find this information through technology magazines, blogs, websites/webinars, RSS feeds, conferences and computer classes. Some good online sources to check out are Inman NewsMashableMyTechOpinion.com and Geek Estate Blog. If you have time to keep updated on what’s new in the real estate market, then you should definitely take the time to keep up with the latest news about technology. Technology changes fast – look at how many times Facebook has been updated recently! It’s important that we read the latest news to stay current with the latest trends.
  3. Try it Out. How are you supposed to fully grasp the latest apps and software if you’ve never used them? Don’t be afraid to test them out and play around with them. The more you use it, the easier it will be, and the more comfortable you’ll feel. Sure, you can read about what other people think of the new technology, but you won’t be able to form your own opinion about it unless you actually use it. The worst that can happen is you won’t like it, and in that case, you can try more things until you find something you like.
  4. Ask Questions. It’s not embarrassing if you’re confused about a certain aspect of technology. In fact, with all the constant changes, it’s perfectly normal to be confused. Don’t be afraid to ask fellow agents, technology experts, or post a topic on an online discussion board. Taking technology classes can also be a great environment to learn more and ask unlimited questions.
  5. Be Flexible and Don’t Get Too Attached. It’s important to realize technology is always, always changing and we’re going to constantly be learning new things about it. Learn what’s current now, but be flexible and ready to re-learn when it gets updated in the future. Keep in mind that technology is not changing to annoy you – it’s changing to make your life easier, so embrace it.

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