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The 2016 Houston Agents’ Choice Awards
8 Ways to Use Task Lists to Manage Transactions and Close Communication Gaps

The real estate market is in full swing. Listing inventory in many areas can barely keep pace with buyer demand. Veteran agents who held on may be experiencing pre-slump activity. While newer agents and those who came in right

Lost in Transition? Make Sure You Know How To Handle These Situations

Changing companies can be a difficult thing to manage in our current real estate market. In the past, you could plan your transition between transactions. However, today, with short sales and home sale contingencies becoming the norm, it is

Tile Kickers: The Art of Real Estate

But you said “As-Is”! A lot of times as an Realtor, I get the question, “What does it mean to buy a home ‘as-is?'”  This is in regards to the TREC One to Four Family Residential Contract.  A prospective

FHA Changes, Jumbo Loans and Credit Crunches: A Lending Update

With questions circling about how the lending industry is changing and what’s staying consistent, agents need to be kept abreast of important changes. From industry trends, to what’s needed to qualify for FHA loans, to changes to jumbo loans,

5 Ways to Keep Up With Technology

Technology is constantly changing to become faster, easier and more efficient. We are lucky that we’ll always have the most updated and improved form of technology, but it’s overwhelming to keep updated with the latest trends. It’s important to

How Agents Can Use Tablets for Business

Whether it’s an iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Kindle Fire, the usage of tablets is growing fast. A study conducted by Staples predicted that there will be 82.1 million tablet users in the United States by 2015. Why should

The Best in Real Estate Tech

The saying “there’s an app for that” is very true – there’s an app for just about anything. We asked five top agents who are not only at the top of their game in real estate, but in tech,

Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com: Which One is Best?

Find out what real estate websites will work for you, and which features are worth your money. The February 2013 Issue of Inman News reported in January, Zillow.com had more than 44.19 million visits, Trulia.com had 33.70 million and Realtor.com had 29.32 million. Which real

Business Strategies That Work

Businesses don’t become successful overnight. It takes experience, hard work and strategy in order to build a good reputation. How are some of Houston’s most successful real estate companies so successful? A combination of business strategies that work when

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