Meeting the 6 Human Needs to Win the Sale: #2: Variety

by Mary Elliott

Customers purchase a house because they believe it will improve their life. This happens when the home fulfills one of six emotional needs.

In the second of a six-part series, Mary Elliott, the national sales trainer for Forrest Performance Group, explains the connection between providing customers certainty (the most important need) and variety (the second need).

Although customers want certainty in their agent, they are looking for variety from their home. Mary discusses how agents can sell in a way that makes clients see how the home will meet their need for variety – both in the day to day and in various stages of life.

Mary Elliott is a Houston native and graduate of the Kinkaid School. Her background includes sales, fundraising and corporate event planning. As ‎the national sales trainer at Forrest Performance Group, Elliott has returned to her roots, as she comes from a family of sales executives.

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