5 of Texas’ top 10 middle schools are in Houston

by James McClister


Earlier this week, the nonprofit Children at Risk released its 11th annual Texas School Rankings, and of the state’s top 10 middle schools, five were in Houston.

In its list, the advocacy group ranked more than 300 Greater Houston middle schools on the basis of student performance, campus quality and improvements in standardized test scores, among other metrics. Through its analysis, the nonprofit found that T.H Rogers School in the Houston Independent School District was the top standout not only citywide, but statewide.

We took a closer look at Children at Risk’s data and further separated its findings into rankings by county. Below, see the top 10 elementary schools for Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria, and Galveston County.

Harris County

School District State Rank Overall Houston Rank Letter Grade
T.H. Rogers School Houston ISD 1 1 A+
Lanier Middle Houston ISD 7 3 A+
Beckendorff Junior High Katy ISD 8 4 A+
Seven Lakes Junior High Katy ISD 9 5 A+
Garland McMeans Junior High Katy ISD 12 7 A+
Pin Oak Middle Houston ISD 15 8 A+
Project Chrysalis Middle Houston ISD 18 9 A+
Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy Houston ISD 19 10 A+
Harmony Science Academy – West Houston Harmony School of Science – Houston 23 11 A+
Smith Middle Cypress-Fairbanks ISD 30 12 A+

Brazoria County

School District State Rank Overall Houston Rank Letter Grade
Berry Miller Junior High Pearland ISD 162 45 A
Nolan Ryan Junior High Alvin ISD 207 56 A
Pearland Junior High West Pearland ISD 282 72 A-
Pearland Junior High South Pearland ISD 429 99 B+
Pearland Junior High East Pearland ISD 505 108 B+
Sweeney Junior High Sweeney ISD 554 120 B
Lake Jackson International Brazosport ISD 592 130 B
Alvin Junior High Alvin ISD 956 182 C
Angle ton Junior High School Angleton ISD 1010 188 C-
West Brazos Junior High Columbia-Brazotia ISD 1038 194 C-

Galveston County

School District State Rank Overall Houston Rank Letter Grade
League City International Clear Creek ISD 49 18 A+
Westbrook International Clear Creek ISD 63 23 A+
Friendswood Junior High Friendswood ISD 117 35 A+
Seabrook International Clear Creek ISD 152 41 A
Austin Middle Galveston ISD 231 61 A
Space Center International Clear Creek ISD 310 76 A-
Clear Lake International Clear Creek ISD 323 79 A-
Victory Lakes International Clear Creek ISD 386 94 A-
Creekside International Clear Creek ISD 464 103 B+
Bayside International Clear Creek ISD 610 133 B

Fort Bend County

School District State Rank Overall Houston Rank Letter Grade
Fort Settlement Middle Fort Bend ISD 4 2 A+
Sartartia Middle Fort Bend ISD 11 6 A+
Quail Valley Middle Fort Bend ISD 66 24 A+
First Colony Middle Fort Bend ISD 81 26 A+
Macro Garcia Middle Fort Bend ISD 107 31 A+
Henry Wertheimer Middle Lamar ISD 155 42 A
James Bowie Middle Fort Bend ISD 160 44 A
Billy Baines Middle Fort Bend ISD 241 64 A
David Crockett Middle Fort Bend ISD 274 70 A
Sugar Land Middle Fort Bend ISD 288 73 A-

Montgomery County

School District State Rank Overall Houston Rank Letter Grade
McCullough Junior High Conroe ISD 52 19 A+
Knox Junior High Conroe ISD 173 49 A
Irons Junior High Conroe ISD 314 77 A-
Montgomery Middle Montgomery ISD 377 92 A-
Montgomery Junior High Montgomery ISD 501 107 B+
Bear Branch Junior High Magnolia ISD 566 124 B
Peet Junior High Conroe ISD 597 131 B
York Junior High Conroe ISD 733 148 B-
Texas Serenity Academy Texas Serenity Academy 772 155 C+
Keefer Crossing Middle New Caney ISD 848 166 C+

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