Houston one of nation’s hottest single-family markets

by James McClister


In a new ranking from online real estate marketplace Ten-X, Houston is named as one of the top 50 single-home markets in the country.

Basing its analysis on “current and forecasted housing fundamentals,” such as home price and sales growth, Ten-X found that markets vary wildly throughout the country.

“This quarter’s report is a strong reminder of how uneven the housing recovery has been, with strong performance by cities in the South, Southeast, West and Pacific Northwest, and much weaker trends in the Northeast and Midwest,” said Rick Sharga, executive vice president with Ten-X.

One of the strongest southern markets has been Houston, which Ten-X ranked the No. 42 single-family market nationwide.

To see how the city compares to other market, check out our table below:

Rank Market
1 Fort Lauderdale
2 Palm Beach County
3 Tampa
4 Orlando
5 Las Vegas
6 Phoenix
7 Seattle
8 Nashville
9 Dallas
10 Jacksonville
11 Denver
12 Portland
13 Oakland
14 Atlanta
15 Columbus
16 Raleigh
17 San Francisco
18 San Jose
19 Miami
20 Boston
21 Austin
22 San Diego
23 Charlotte
24 Salt Lake City
25 DC
26 Riverside
27 Los Angeles
28 Indianapolis
29 Sacramento
30 Minneapolis
31 Fort Worth
32 Orange County
33 San Antonio
34 Kansas City
35 Detroit
36 Pittsburgh
37 Cincinnati
38 Milwaukee
39 Northern Virginia
40 St. Louis
41 Suburban Maryland
42 Houston
43 Memphis
44 Philadelphia
45 Long Island
46 Northern New Jersey
47 Chicago
48 Cleveland
49 Central New Jersey
50 Baltimore

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