Need an exorcist for your haunted house?

by Timothy Inklebarger

Think your haunted house won’t hurt your chances of selling it? Think again.

That’s according to a new study from iBuyer company ISoldMyHouse.com, which shows that 61% of survey respondents said they would not buy a house if they thought it was haunted.

Nearly one in five survey respondents said they had consulted with a priest or psychic about a supernatural occurrence, and 9% of those who’d had an encounter with a spirit said it was “aggressive.”

Got ghosts? No problem, says the company, which launched a new exorcism service for those needing to rid themselves of a paranormal houseguest.

“With technology and camera quality getting better and better, it’s no wonder that people are managing to capture evidence of potential paranormal activity and as such, I think it’s also no wonder that there is an increasing number of people who believe in ghosts, spirits and the like,” ISoldMyHouse.com founder Kris Lippi said in a press release.

The service includes a video consultation from a paranormal advisor with advice on how to rid the home of ghosts and other supernatural entities.

“Trying to sell a house can be a stressful life event at the best of times, let alone when adding the possibility of a house being haunted into the mix. I hope this new service can really help to put people at ease and will continue to make house sales quick and easy for our customers,” Lippi said.

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