Building your business and staying in shape with Sisu

by Anne Ewasko

We are all working harder these days, but are we working smarter? Every year, I set aside October as the time when I set goals, create my business plan and determine my ad spend for the upcoming year. However, by the time I get to the middle of that next year, I often find that I have fallen off the wagon (and sometimes deep into the dirt) because I would work so hard on the deals and lose sight of the goals… not very smart.

This can happen quickly when you don’t have a centralized system in place to track your numbers and keep you accountable. As an agent, measuring your performance and holding yourself accountable can be a bit daunting. However, how many of us have used those fitness apps to track our daily steps that would reward us with a gif-giving cheer when we hit our goal (or a frowny face when we didn’t)? I know for me, it would motivate me to take those extra steps just so I could hit my goal for that day.

Believe it or not, there is accountability software out there for us real estate agents that will help us stay on track with our business goals, as well. So, instead of just getting healthier, let’s apply these principles to getting wealthier, as well!
This is where Sisu comes in. It’s a centralized software system that tracks sales metrics and the analytics of that data, which they, in turn, simplify for us agents to use in our day-to-day business. Sounds super-high tech, and it is, but basically, they break things down so that you know what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

For me, Sisu is like a virtual coach that keeps me accountable. For example, if you set an annual income goal of $200,000, Sisu does all the analytics for you by pulling information from your average price point, commission splits, etc., and comes up with a formula of how many calls per day you need to make, how many appointments per week you need to set, how many contracts you need to sign, etc., in order to get there. It helps you reach your goals by knowing exactly what is needed for you to succeed. And according to their stats, those who use their system have increased their bottom line by 28%.

At first, it sounded great in theory, but I was reluctant to jump on board because it seemed like a ton of constant data entry, which I have no extra time for. The beauty of using Sisu is that it’s a single point of entry — you aren’t duplicating the data on additional spreadsheets. Their software integrates with your CRM and everything is linked. If an update happens in your CRM, it will be reflected in Sisu and vice versa, so they are always in sync. This makes it clean, accurate and easy to maintain.

Just like the fitness app, it keeps you motivated and will let you know when you are falling behind. They make it fun, like a game, that challenges you to hit your numbers on a daily basis. If you have a busy day and cannot hit your targets, then you can make it up on another so that you stay on track.

The data is displayed on visually exciting performance dashboards which show how many conversations you’ve had, appointments that have been set, texts and emails that have been exchanged and, most importantly, if you are behind or on pace. You can see at any moment what your current GCI is and what’s ahead in your pipeline. I am constantly aware of where I stand with my numbers and the steps that I need to take to get back on track. And if I start to get behind, it motivates me to ramp things up. For me, the more I can see, the more I can sell. I like to win, and to win means staying on track and not slacking behind.

Another benefit that Sisu provides is an entire “Contract to Close” transaction management system that feeds all of the data into one funnel. It’s a one-stop shared portal that is agent-centric and allows customized workflows with drag-and-drop task boards and templates that can be fully integrated with assistants, lenders, attorneys, etc. For me, this is a total time-saver from having to jump on calls, sending repetitive emails, follow-up, etc., because it’s one portal and everyone is on the same page at all times.

Finally, let’s talk about ROI. This is really a big deal for your bottom line and has been a huge game changer for me. The system monitors your ad spend on your lead sources. Instead of randomly throwing ad dollars to the wind and hoping you will get results, now you can make data-driven decisions. If you invest in lead generation (i.e., Zillow, Facebook ads, etc.), you can see where your most positive ROIs are coming in from. Sisu compares the lead source data to your closed transaction data and provides a clear picture of your conversion rates and cost per lead from each lead source. Wow! I call this “trimming the fat,” because it enables me to reallocate my ad spend for the most effective results, saving me a ton of money on wasted lead sources and, in turn, giving a much better bottom line.

So, stay in shape by allowing yourself to be held accountable, not only physically, but fiscally. Let the numbers direct you, and see how you can not only achieve your goals, but surpass them — your bottom line will thank you for it!

[And on a side note for classic western movie enthusiasts, I find it ironic that “Sisu” is the Finnish word for “Grit,” as it reminds me of John Wayne’s film “True Grit.” Now, he had grit and never fell off a wagon. One of my new goals is to get more “grit” and be like him! Sisu, can you help me with that, too?]

Anne Ewasko is a veteran Realtor in the Chicago area and a longtime techie. Visit her at anne.luxhomechicago.com.

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