First multistory 3D-printed structure in the U.S. coming to Houston

by Emily Marek

Houston will soon be home to the first multistory 3D-printed structure in the United States. Construction began last week on the 4,000-square foot single-family home. The project is led by Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic, principals at architectural design firm HANNAH, in collaboration with PERI 3D Construction and the engineering/design firm CIVE.

Using a hybridized construction method, the project combines wood frames with 3D-printed concrete. PERI 3D Construction is using COBOD BOD2 gantry printers to construct the project, which they’ve also used to complete projects such as the first 3D printed home in Germany and a 3D printed apartment building in Europe. PERI 3D CEO Fabian Meyer-Brotz said the Houston project is the largest of the firm’s 3D-printed buildings to date.

“For the design of the project, we developed a hybrid construction approach that couples innovations in concrete 3D printing with traditional wood framing techniques to create a building system that is structurally efficient, easily replicable, and materially responsive,” stated Lok and Zivkovic. “The project also highlights the exciting design potential of mass-customized architectural components to meet homeowners’ needs and to simplify building system integration. These design efforts aim to increase the impact, applicability, sustainability and cost efficiency of 3D printing for future residential and multifamily buildings in the U.S.”

The project shows huge promise for the future of 3D printing, especially applications for the COBOD BOD2 printers. “We are proud to see more and more buildings being 3D printed with our BOD2 printer in North America as a consequence of our leading position in the market and the many 3D construction printers that we sold here,” said COBOD Co-Founder Philip Lund-Nielsen in a written statement. “Our superior technology and leading position is documented by COBOD being the only supplier that has delivered 3D printers for construction of multistory projects.”

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