Technically Speaking

Stay on top of the constant stream of new digital tools on the market for brokers and agents. We’ve got you covered on everything from apps to CRMs in our monthly column dedicated to all things proptech.

Is your brokerage’s CRM sufficient? When should agents go it alone?

CRMs are the roots of our trees that grow our business. Having an efficient and cost-effective platform that is protected for one to nurture is crucial to our success.

Three apps that can fill the gaps for busy brokers

SHOWforME, BrokerAssist and Showami are all helpful apps for new or busy brokers: like Uber for real estate!

Use this easy tool to become your local market expert

As real estate brokers, we need to understand our hyperlocal market, and there are ways that you can slice and dice the data so that you can provide the real picture for your clients in a very clear and concise way.

Two tech tools to brand like a pro on social media

“There is no better way today for us Realtors to build our brand (and our business) than by using social media. But it’s always a huge challenge to stay on top of our social media and continue to sell homes.”

Building your business and staying in shape with Sisu

We are all working harder these days, but are we working smarter?

HomeLight launches new tools to help agents win bidding wars and sell homes

The company’s new financial offerings, HomeLight Trade-In and HomeLight Cash Offer, enable top agents to make real estate transactions possible for countless individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to compete in today’s cutthroat market.

Check out this tech tool used by luxury brokers

“There is technology out there that has already been built for you to reach these elites — you just need to know the shortcuts on how to tap into it.” — Anne Ewasko

BombBomb: Humanizing your connections through easy-to-use video messaging

“Video messaging has been a total game changer for me. It is inexpensive, saves me a ton of time and is ridiculously easy to use, but most importantly, it humanizes my interactions with my clients.” — Anne Ewasko

Becoming a Digital Earnest Money Addict

“If you haven’t gone digital yet, you should really consider it. Digital earnest money deposits (EMDs) have been around for less than a year, and at first, I was reluctant to jump on board. Why? I am a security freak.” — Anne Ewasko, Chicago Realtor

Testing out Asteroom

By Anne Ewasko I am always looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient with my time while maintaining quality. In a time when buyers are reluctant to physically view properties and owners are afraid to have

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