Trump for President in 2012?

by Houston Agent

Real estate developer and host of his own reality TV show Donald Trump has hinted that he might consider running for president in 2012.
Trump was speaking with HLN’s Joy Behar when he indicated that while he doesn’t necessarily want to be president, he does think the country needs saving.

“I’m very proud of this country,” Trump told Behar. ” ’m very proud to be an American. And frankly, I hate what I’m seeing.”

Trump’s concerns about the country range from the war in Iraq to the inability to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to the U.S. in Chicago. He also had choice words about both the Obama and Bush Administrations.

Trump has not officially announced that he will run, but rumors have been swirling for years that he might take this step.
Do you think Donald Trump will make a good president? Who should be his running mate? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comments below.

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