NAR Members Voice Opposition on Dues Increase

by Houston Agent

RealTown poll results revealed that the majority of National Association of Realtors (NAR) members are opposed to membership due increases, with 2,502 (over 82 percent) members voting no on the Political Survival Initiative which would increase dues by $40/year (proposal A), and 2,195 members (over 72 percent) voting no on the Public Awareness Campaign, which would increase dues by $35 (proposal B).

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Proposal B would eliminate the Public Awareness Campaign $35 assessment, and increase dues by $35. Potential funds for either proposal would be accounted for separately in order to ensure members that they will not be utilized for other operational purposes.

Proposal A received the support of 496 members, and 43 chose to exempt this question. Proposal B hindered 685 yes votes and 161 abstentions.

The overarching concern regarding the dues increase was paying for additional political funds, with 1,237 members claiming this as the primary reason in their voting no.

An additional 524 opposing “yes” voters backed their opinions, selecting “political advocacy is critical for NAR” as their reasoning.

The poll closed on May 5, offering members a chance to voice their opinions before the NAR Board of Directors weigh in on the pending proposals at the Midyear Meetings in D.C. on May 14–although, the poll results do not count as an official vote.

But the results don’t stop there–AGBeat posted a flash poll, gauging readers’ feelings and reasoning for supporting or opposing the dues increase.

Poll takers were overwhelmingly upset about the potential hike in dues, with 66 percent saying the proposal was “very upsetting,” and another 14 percent finding it “mildly upsetting.” “Critical for Realtor survival” came in at 12 percent, and “critical for NAR survival” hindered a 6 percent vote, with the final 7 percent being “indifferent.”

NAR members also answered why they pay dues, with 32 percent selecting “only because I have to in order to access MLS,” and another 29 percent selecting “only to access the MLS; I would prefer to only pay my local board.”

Another 18 percent chose “because it is important for homeowners and Realtors to have a political voice,” 11 percent chose “because I believe NAR represents me and the Realtor brand well,” and the final 9 percent selected “because I have to, but I would even if they were voluntary.”

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