ARO: Active Rain Optimization

by Houston Agent

There are ways to optimize your ActiveRain account and your online networks.

ActiveRain, the social networking site for Realtors, is more than a “Facebook for agents;” rather, it’s an important professional networking resource, one that can introduce agents to scores of valuable industry contacts. As such, it’s valuable to optimize your presence on ActiveRain, and Kristi Hines of Realty Biz News has shared some tips on how to do so.

The first thing, Hines writes, is to maximize your SEO, or, search engine optimization. The more your profile appears in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results, the more visits your profile will generate. To do this, consider the items that will appear in a search result – your name, professional title, city & state, profile details and image filename. All will appear in your clickable search result for your profile, so all should be accurate and informative for the web user.

In ranking the SEO components in terms of importance, Hines writes, “the order of importance is generally SEO Title, Meta Description, header tags (H1, H2, H3), image ALT tags, image filenames, and bolded text. When it comes to search results, the typical result will show the SEO Title linked to your profile, the URL, and the Meta Description beneath as additional details.”

Beyond Google, though, Hines also notes that agents should optimize their presence within the ActiveRain community, and the key to that strategy is the website’s point system.

“Why do points matter? The more points you have, the more popular you are on the network,” Hines writes.

There are a number of ways to earn points, including: adding information to your profile (270+ points); uploading an HD photo (1,000+ points); logging in daily; inviting others to ActiveRain (250 points per accepted invite); and commenting on blog posts (25 points for 50+ character comments, up to 10 per day). You also receive points when your blog is featured on ActiveRain’s homepage, when members comment on your blogs and if you win any of the website’s contests.

“ActiveRain has a leader board which displays members in order of the most points,” Hines writes. “The top member currently has 1.5 million points which means you probably have a long way to go.”

Looks like you better start engaging that community!

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